The new Playground equipment is being enjoyed by all our small children.  It’s a joy to watch them play safely on our new “Stuff.” Thanks Nelson for the new Playground sign!

We have a new addition to our children’s Playground



A lot of fun places to play!



We celebrated our 200th Anniversary at Ebenezer United Methodist Church

Now we are beginning the next 200 years…

Ebenezer United Methodist Church

“Generations of Faith”

Ebenezer United Methodist Church Celebrating 199 years of service and worship in our small Hollywood, Georgia community.  Often referred to as “The Church with a Warm Heart,” Ebenezer United Methodist Church is presently journeying through a year-long celebration leading up to our 200th Anniversary.  This observance began at Homecoming Sunday, August 6, 2017, and will culminate during our Homecoming Sunday, August 5, 2018.  Ebenezer Methodist Church was founded in 1818 and has moved from a log cabin, that also served as a school and post office, to our present location across the road on Highway 441 North.

Many changes and additions to our facilities have taken place, however, it is the same determined spirit of our congregation to exhibit God’s love in everything we say and do that exemplifies the courage and ideals that our founders, passed down to us motivating us to adopt our Bicentennial theme, “Generations of Faith.”

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