Information about Food 2 Kids



March 13, 2020

Due to the closing of all public schools in Habersham County, our Food 2 Kids packing has been halted, presently.  We will not be Delivering Food 2 Kids to the schools at this time! Therefore, we will NOT be packing Food 2 Kids. Please pass on this information to any Food 2 Kids packers you know.


Food 2 Kids food bags, will be packed this new school year on most Friday mornings, at 9:00 am. 
Come and join the 
40 – 50 people from our Habersham community that help pack
the 204 bags we pack, weekly.
We are always welcoming new-comers
to our packing sessions. If you are
interested in helping pack Food 2 Kids,
you can contact our church office.

We even recycle all the cardboard each week and believe it or not… that’s a lot of cardboard!

Come support our mission outreach to help feed the hungry “Kids” of Habersham County! Support our Food 2 Kids team, today! The Children are depending on Us!