For seven years, the United Methodist Churches in our county have been providing weekend food bags for students experiencing food insecurity.  We pack and deliver 209 bags each Friday of the school year!

Recently, Food 2 Kids received a grant from The Family Security Plan Foundation to purchase Ingles gifts cards (thank you for your help, Cleveland Ingles!) to mail to the students’ families during these financially challenging pandemic days.  Many thanks, FSP, for providing the means to help us help those in need in our community!


Habersham Food 2 Kids

Our 2019-2020 School year ended abruptly due to Covid-19.  We were concerned for the 209 children that we serve, but the school system took care of our Habersham Food 2 Kids so well. We were able to donate some food items to the system. We hope to resume our Mission Outreach at the beginning of our new 2020-2021 school year. 

With your donation of $275.00 you can support one child for the entire school year (40 weeks.) Your gift of $275.00 will ensure that a child will have food to eat through the weekends while away from the school Free/Reduced Breakfast and Lunch program.

Make your donation today!
Make your check payable to:
Food Bank of Northeast Georgia
and on the MEMO or FOR section of your check you must write:


(Your donation will only be credited to us if the Food Bank sees HABERSHAM Food 2 Kids on your check)

Mail your check to:

The Food Bank of

Northeast Georgia
P.O.Box 48857
Athens, GA 30604

Thanks to our countless supporters, Habersham Food 2 Kids enjoys successfully feeding the children of Habersham County who suffer from food insecurity each school year.  Please, be much in prayer for the children we serve and make your contribution each school year to support these children.  The number grows yearly. Make Habersham Food 2 Kids a yearly contribution, please! No child show go hungry.

Remember, it only cost $275.00 to feed one child for the school year. Thanks for all who are willing to help us Feed Hungry Children!

Thanks for all who come and help us pack Habersham Food 2 Kids on a weekly schedule. Our Food 2 Kids packers are the most amazing people. We could not feed the children without our Habersham Food 2 Kids Packers!

God Bless You in your continued support!

We will begin our Fall donation drive to fund our Food 2 Kids mission for our 6th year. With your help we will continue to feed children who need food through the weekends while away from the school Free/Reduced Breakfast and Lunch program. Please, plan to support at least on child so they will have food to eat. Hunger hurts, no child should suffer from hunger. Thanks for helping fund the Habersham Food 2 Kids Mission so we can make the food available to the 203 children we feed weekly.

God Bless You as you bless the children.

Thanks to the Service Quest Kids of Clarkesville First United Methodist Church for your generous gift to our Food 2 Kids Connectional Mission! You Kids are amazing!


We help schoolchildren in Habersham County who are in jeopardy of not having enough food to eat over the weekend while away from the school breakfast and lunch program.

We are 100% Donation Supported

100% of all Donations go to buy food through the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia to feed the 196 children we sponsor.  

You can sponsor a child for the school year for only $275. which will provide food for 40 weekends through the school year.  Make your check payable to: 

The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, P.O. Box 48857, Athens, GA 30604   On your check in the “MEMO” section you must put: “HABERSHAM FOOD 2 KIDS” for us to get your gift credited to the Habersham Food 2 Kids Account. Your gift can change the life of a child in so many ways. Please, consider helping the Habersham Connectional Mission Outreach feed the hungry children in Habersham County.